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The Truly Specialized Solution Provider
As compared with other software provider in the market which offers their range of products for multiple industries, Fast Track Solution differentiate itself by offering industry-specific solutions targeted toward a particulars vertical market in the manufacturing environments. The vertical market penetration of application solutions will enabled Fast Track Solution to serves its specific customers' needs and requirements to achieve maximum IT benefits from the business view point.

Fully Customized Application Solution
In view of the variation of each customer's specific business needs and requirements, Fast Track Solution provides integration solutions for which each variant is a customized version to tailor each client's business environment as an unique entity.

Fast Track Garment MRP System
Fast Track Garment MRP System is a necessary tool for all garments manufacturing company. It offers exceptionally flexible functionality for managing customer booking, planning, sub-contractor, production, inventory, invoicing and management reports.

Fast Track Garment MRP System enable manufacturer to track and plan productions and deliveries in order to provide better service to customer.

Fast Track Plastic MRP System
Fast Track Solution has been delivering manufacturing solutions to Plastic Manufacturers for the past five years. These solutions have been designed with the intricacies and peculiarities which exists only in the Plastic Industry.

Though no two plastic factory are the same, our focus on this industry has enabled us to establish the common denominator of all efficient and effective Plastic Manufacturer. With this we are able to provide the scarce and perishable resource you need to effectively run your factory - TIME. Time to enable your people to power your Company to meet the ever increasing demands of the competitive landscape.

Fast Track Plastic MRP System (FT/MRP) was designed with one thing in mind: To free you and your people from the chore of administrative and routine calculation work that can be taken cared of more efficiently and productively by computers.

Game Publishing
CubeTech Asia Sdn Bhd will host, market and support online games from various genres such as First Person Shooters, MMORPGs and casual games.

Game Delivery Support Applications
CubeTech Asia Sdn Bhd is also in the business of providing customized applications to manage users and games. Examples of such systems are helpdesk solutions, billing systems, and other user management tools.

Sales and Distribution
With a wide distribution network CubeTech Asia Sdn Bhd is also in a position to help businesses distribute and gain presence in cybercaf├ęs all around Malaysia.

Cube World offers a comprehensive range of new and refurbished multi-platform enterprise equipment including servers, storage, systems, and accessories, to help customer maximise on capital spending.

Supplying online media, game development and advertising game services, providing information technology solutions, software developement and trading and distribution of software solutions.

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